Rice University
BioSciences at Rice


A mailing list, called bios-help has been designed to facilitate communication within the department in the interest of mutual support of research. The idea is that if someone needs a bit of some reagent, or is stuck on getting some protocol to work, then, they should feel free to post here. Hopefully someone else in the department has a bit of the reagent to pass on, a piece of equipment to share, or some expertise to lend. It should not be used for personal or non-research related purposes.

Send an email to the bios-help list.


BioSciences has an Owlspace site with the safety manual, sign templates to post safety policies in the lab, and safety training information.

The link above should take you directly to the login page for Owlspace, and once you login, directly to the BioSciences Safety site. If Owlspace indicates you have not been added as a member of the safety site, send an email to Beth Beason, requesting that she add you to the site.

There is a mail list for announcements related to research safety. Send an email to the bios-safety list.

For conflict resolution issues, students should speak first with their academic advisors or the department chair. Graduate students have a grievance committee, listed in their handbooks. The department ombudsman is Mike Gustin.