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BioSciences Advising for Undergraduates

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Below please find contact information for the undergraduate degree program academic advisors. Students electing a BA in biological sciences may choose an advisor (BCB or EEB) that most closely corresponds to their interests, and that choice may be changed any time.

1) Pre-declaration Advising: Prospective majors / Freshmen and Undeclared Sophomores

Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Dr. Beth Beason-Abmayr; 326 Anderson Biological Laboratories; x2535; bbeason@rice.edu
Dr. Matthew Bennett; 306 Keck Hall; x4161; matthew.bennett@rice.edu
Dr. Jamie Catanese; 130C Anderson Biological Laboratories; x2391; djc98@rice.edu
Dr. Kathy Matthews; 203 Keck Hall; x4871; ksm@rice.edu
Dr. Alma Novotny; W105 George R. Brown Hall; x4015; novotnya@rice.edu
Dr. Dereth Phillips; 340 Anderson Biological Laboratories; x2343; derethp@rice.edu 

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Dr. Scott Solomon; 130D Anderson Biological Laboratories; x2661; scott.solomon@rice.edu  
Dr. Scott Egan; 103 Anderson Biological Laboratories;x2234; scott.p.egan@rice.edu

Dr. Jon Flynn; W102George R. Brown Hall; x4806;  flynn@rice.edu

Environmental Sciences
Dr. Amy Dunham;103B Anderson Biological Laboratories; x2792; aed4@rice.edu

2) Declared Major Advising: Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores who have declared or are in the process of declaring a major in Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Neuroscience, or Biological Sciences

Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Declared majors whose last names begin with A-H (fall only)
Dr. Kathleen Beckingham; 
W130 George R. Brown Hall; x4016; kate@rice.edu
Declared majors whose last names begin with I-P (fall) and A-M (spring)
Dr. David Caprette (Chair); 
327 Anderson Biological Laboratories; x3498;  caprette@rice.edu
Declared majors whose last names begin with Q-Z (fall) and N-Z (spring)
Dr. Charles Stewart; 
W104 GBH; x4926; crs@rice.edu

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Dr. Adrienne Simoes Correa; 201D Anderson Biological Laboratories; x3054; ac53@rice.edu   
Dr. Scott Solomon; 130D Anderson Biological Laboratories; x2661; scott.solomon@rice.edu

Dr. Dave Caprette; 327 Anderson Biological Laboratories; x3498; caprette@rice.edu 
Dr. Jon Flynn; W102 George R. Brown Hall; x4806; flynn@rice.edu    
Dr. Peter Lwigale; 339 Anderson Biological Laboratories; x6785; lwigale@rice.edu

Environmental Sciences
Dr. Amy Dunham;103B Anderson Biological Laboratories; x2792; aed4@rice.edu

BioSciences Advising Materials

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