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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Graduate Program Faculty

BachelotBenedicte Bachelot

Huxley Faculty Fellow

Office: 211D Anderson Biology
Web: Research
Email: bbachelot (at) rice.edu

Research Area: High tree diversity in the tropical forest; theoretical models of the role of mutualism in the maintenance of high tree diversity.

BengstonSarah Bengston

Huxley Faculty Fellow

Office: 211A Anderson Biology
Web: Research
Email: sarah.bengston (at) rice.edu

Research Area: Behavioral ecology; the consequences of behavioral variation for individuals, populations or species.

MBBMeenakshi Bhattacharjee

Assistant Research Professor

Office: 137E Anderson Biology
Office Phone: (713) 348-3843
Web: Personal
Email:  meenakshi.b.bhattacharjee (at) rice.edu

Research Area: Algal Biotechnology, Cyanobacteria, Algae, Biofertlizers, Biofuel, Biomass cultivation, Bioremediation, Extremophiles.

Adrienne CorreaAdrienne M.S. Correa

Assistant Professor

Office: 201D Anderson Biology
Office Phone: (713) 348-3054
Web: Personal
Email: ac53(at)rice.edu

Research Area: Biodiversity, Community Ecology, Conservation Biology, Coral Reefs, Marine Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Systematics, Symbiosis, Virology

Amy DunhamAmy Dunham

Associate Professor

Office: 103B Anderson Biology
Office Phone: (713) 348-2792
Web: Personal
Email: aed4 (at) rice.edu  

Research Area: Conservation biology, community ecology, plant-animal interactions, population biology, terrestrial food-web ecology,linking grazing and detrital food webs, invasive species, tropical ecology

Scott EganScott P. Egan

Assistant Professor

Office: 103A Anderson Biology
Office Phone:
Web: Personal
Email:scott.p.egan (at) rice.edu

Research Area: Evolutionary biology, speciation, genomics, population genetics, environmental diagnostics, invasive species

Michael Kohn  

Michael KohnAssociate Professor  

Office: 205A Anderson Biology
Office Phone: (713) 348-3779
Lab Phone: (713) 348-6227
Web: Personal    Lab
Email: hmkohn (at) rice.edu

Research Area: Evolutionary Biology, Genomics, Population Genetics, Medical Genetics

Tom MillerTom Miller

Godwin Assistant Professor
of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Office: 119 Anderson Biology
Office Phone: (713) 348-4218
Web: Personal
Email:tom.miller (at) rice.edu

Research Area: demography, population, dynamics, plant-animal interactions, life history evolution, theory-data interface

Luay NakhlehLuay K. Nakhleh

Professor of Computer Science
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and
Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Office: 3119 Duncan Hall
Office Phone: (713) 348-3959
Fax: (713) 348-5930
Web: Personal  Lab
Email: nakhleh (at) rice.edu

Research Area:  Computational biology, bioinformatics, biological networks, evolutionary biology

Volker RudolfVolker Rudolf

Associate Professor

Office: 105A Anderson Biology
Office Phone: (713) 348-2834
Web: Personal  Lab
Email: volker.rudolf (at) rice.edu  

Research Area: Ecology, evolution, community and population ecology, aquatic ecology, ecology of infectious diseases, climate change, phenology.

Julia SaltzJulia B Saltz

Assistant Professor

Office: Anderson Biology 209B
Office Phone: (713) 348-4716
Web: Lab
Email:julia.b.saltz (at) rice.edu

Research Area: Social behavior, evolutionary ecology, population genetics, phenotypic plasticity

Yousif ShamooYousif Shamoo

Vice Provost for Research
and Wiess Career Development Chair

Office: 332 Keck Hall
Office Phone: (713) 348-5493
Lab Phone: (713) 348-3858
Web: Personal  Lab
Email: shamoo (at) rice.edu

Research Area: Structural biology, molecular evolution, X-ray crystallography, microbial evolution, antibiotic resistance

Evan SiemannEvan Siemann  

Harry C & Olga K Wiess Professor,
Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Office: 101A Anderson Biology
Office Phone: (713) 348-5954
Lab Phone: (713) 348-2419
Web: Personal    Lab
Email: siemann (at) rice.edu

Research Area:  population and community ecology, forests, grasslands, plant ecology, insect ecology, plant/herbivore interactions, invasive species, biodiversity, conservation

Scott SolomonScott Solomon

Professor in Practice

Office: 130D Anderson Biology
Office Phone: (713) 348-2661
Web: Personal  Blog
Email: Scott.Solomon (at) rice.edu

Research Area: Molecular systematics, biogeography, phylogeography, biodiversity, tropical ecology

Adjunct Faculty

Jeffrey Glassberg

Adjunct Professor

North American Butterfly Association

Nancy Greig

Adjunct Professor

Curator of Entomology
Cockrell Butterfly Center
Houston Museum of Natural Science

Office: The Houston Museum of Natural Science
Office Phone: (713)639-4742
Email: ngreig (at) hmns.org
Web: Personal

Maria Hartley

Adjunct Assistant Professor

University of Houston

Email: mariak (at) rice.edu