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Pamela E. Constantinou Papadopoulos

Faculty Fellow in BioSciences


In healthy epithelial cells, transmembrane mucins are expressed on the apical surface of cells and are responsible for protecting cells from microbial and enzymatic attack. These highly glycosylated proteins contain ectodomains that can extend several hundreds of nanometers from the cell surface, providing a well-hydrated physical barrier to the cell. However, the loss of normal topology and polarity in cancer cells results in aberrant mucin expression over the entire cell surface. Overexpression, altered glycosylation patterns, and mRNA splice variants are all hallmarks of mucins in cancer cells and are commonly used as biomarkers for cancer progression. Our current projects exploit these differences in mucins as targets for cancer therapies.

Additionally, our laboratory has been investigating the use of three-dimensional (3D) culture models for better clinical predictability of drugs in patient trials.  We have incorporated hydrogels into high throughput drug screening platforms for cancer cells co-cultured with stromal cells.  Cells grown in our 3D system better recapitulate the clinical outcome of drug efficacy of cancer patients than cells grown using conventional tissue culture on plastic.  In our efforts to maintain in vivo tumor heterogeneity, we are currently integrating patient derived xenografts in our 3D models.

Select Publications

Zarembinski, TI; Engel, BJ; Doty, NJ; Constantinou, PE; Onorato, MV; Erickson, IE; Fong, ELS; Martinez, M; Milton, RL; Danysh, BP; HyStem: a customisable hyaluronan¿¿based hydrogel matrix for 3D cell culture.  Technology Platforms for 3D Cell Culture: A User's Guide 2017: 173

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  • B.A. Chemistry (1999) Vassar College
  • Ph.D. Chemistry (2005) New York University
  • Department of BioSciences
Research Areas
  • Transmembrane mucins as targets for cancer therapies; 3D models for epithelial cancers for high throughput drug screening
Contact Information
Email: pamela.constantinou@rice.edu
Phone: 713-348-3401
Office: BRC, 661