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Aryeh Warmflash

Assistant Professor of BioSciences

Warmflash's Research

My research focuses on quantitative studies of signaling dynamics and spatial pattern formation during embryonic development and in the cancer microenvironment. My previous work has used live-cell signaling assays to show that the dynamics of the TGF-beta signaling pathway are adaptive and to explore the consequences of this discovery for the function of TGFbeta as a patterning signal. I have also used micropatterning technology to develop in vitro systems for studying pattern formation. In particular, I have demonstrated that human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) confined to micropatterns during differentiation form self-organized patterns containing all three germ layers and reminiscent of those in mammalian embryos.

Current projects include: using live-cell reporters of both signaling and fate in micropatterned culture to dissect the mechanisms of pattern formation, manipulating the shape of the micropatterned constraint to understand the relationship between geometry and cell fate, and developing three-dimensional culture systems that more completely mimic embryonic development. Ideas and tools developed for the study of embryonic development are also being deployed to understand the role of signaling dynamics and the relationship between healthy and diseased cells in the cancer microenvironment.

Select Publications

A. Nemashkalo, A. Ruzo, I. Heemskerk, and A. Warmflash Morphogen and community effects determine cell fates in response to BMP4 signaling in human embryonic stem cells.  Development, 144 2017: 3042 - 3053

I. Heemskerk, K. Burt, M. Miller, S. Chhabra, M. C. Guerra, and A. Warmflash. Morphogen dynamics control patterning in a stem cell model of the human embryo.   2017

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D. P. Noren, W. H. Chou, S. H. Lee, A. A. Qutub, A. Warmflash, D. S. Wagner, A. S. Popel, A. Levchenko VEGF-Mediated Ca2+ Signaling Steers Endothelial Cell Phenotypes by a Combination of Stochastic and Deterministic Decoding.  Science Signaling, 9(416):ra20 2016

A. Deglincerti, T. Haremaki, A. Warmflash, B. Sorre, and A. H. Brivanlou. Coco is a dual-activity modulator of TGFβ signaling. 2015. Development. 142:2678-2685.  PMCID: PMC4529031 [Available on 2016-08-01]

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M. Z. Ozair, S. Noggle, A. Warmflash, J. E. Krzyspiak, A. H. Brivanlou Smad7 directly converts human embryonic stem cells to telencephalic fate by a default mechanism.  Stem Cells , 31 2013: 35-47

A. Warmflash, Q. Zhang, B. Sorre, A. Vonica, E. D. Siggia, and A. H. Brivanlou Dynamics of TGF-β signaling reveal adaptive and pulsatile behaviors reflected in the nuclear localization of transcription factor Smad4.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. , 109 2012: E1947-E1956

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  • B.A. Physics and Mathematics (2003) University of Pennsylvania
  • Ph.D. Physics (2008) University of Chicago
  • Department of Bioengineering
Research Areas
  • Signaling dynamics and spatial pattern formation during embryonic development and in the cancer microenvironment
Professional Experience
  • CPRIT Scholar in Cancer Research
    Rice University, BioSciences
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Email: Aryeh.Warmflash@rice.edu
Phone: 713-348-2456
Office: Anderson Biological Labs, 344