Rice University
BioSciences at Rice

Undergraduate Studies in the BioSciences

The Department of BioSciences offers a broad range of introductory and advanced courses in five majors, two minors, and an accelerated BA/MA/PhD program. All five major degree paths will prepare students for graduate, medical, or other professional schools and a wide range of careers in the life sciences.

Research in the BioSciences

Research is highly encouraged for all students at Rice University and is an essential job skill for those planning to continue in graduate programs in the sciences or seeking employment in research fields. Rice students in the biosciences have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of research projects both on- and off-campus. Freshman can elect to participate in a Freshman Seminar in Local Biology (BIOC 115) as an introduction to undergraduate research at Rice. Students may receive BioSciences credit for such research through the courses EBIO 306 or BIOC 310 and the advanced research series BIOC 401/402/412 or EBIO 403/404. Please consult the Department of Biosciences Undergraduate web pages for more information on finding a research project and participating in research for credit. Those interested in receiving regular biosciences research opportunity postings should join the BioSciences Opportunities group on Owl-Space.

Undergraduate Awards


Students who major in Biological Sciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, or Biochemistry & Cell Biology are eligible for research awards in their senior year such as Distinction in Research and Creative Work, the Frederick B. Rudolph Award for Outstanding Seniors, the George J. Schroepfer, Jr. Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, and the James B. Walker Award for Outstanding Seniors, the Julian Huxley Award, the Clark Read Award, and the Best RURS Poster Award. Instructions and the Application for the Distinction in Research and Creative Work will be forthcoming later in the academic year.