History of Biosciences@Rice

The formation of the Department of Biology at Rice Institute’s opening in 1914 marks the inception of biological studies for students over the ensuing decades. The evolving organization of departments as Biology, Biochemistry, Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology have transformed into today’s singular Department of BioSciences. These changes emerged alongside critical biological discoveries; in particular, the discovery of DNA as the genetic material and determination of its structure in the mid-20th century began a molecular revolution in the biological sciences that continues and expands into the future.

Using the link below, you can access a welcome to the site on Box along with two much longer documents: History of BioSciences at Rice and Appendices. The former provides a narrative history of these departments, and the appendices offer biographies, exams, stories, reflections, and photographs. The final link is to Google Docs where you can enter your own recollections (it will be curated, so keep that in mind!).

Click this link to access the History of Biosciences at Rice online.

Enjoy a trip through the history of BioSciences at Rice!!