Research Safety

Research Safety

Safety Links, Forms and Instructions

The Rice University Department of Environmental Health & Safety site has links for the following items:

  • Fire and Safety Training
  • Laboratory Safety Training
  • Reporting Safety Incidents
  • Campus Emergency Procedures
  • Waste Collection Request
  • Tool for Creation of Lab Specific Safety Plan and Lab Signs

Campus Fire Emergencies

Biosciences Teaching Laboratory Safety and Conduct

Important Contacts Phone
Rice University Police Department 713-348-6000
Memorial Hermann Hospital Emergency Room 713-704-4060
Poison Control 1-800-222-1222
Rice University Environmental Health & Safety Department 713-348-4444
Director of Environmental Health & Safety - Kathryn Cavender 713-348-8800
Rice Student Health Services 713-348-4966
BioSciences Departmental Office 713-348-4015
Department Safety Committee - Beth Beason-Abmayr (regular hours) 713-348-2535
Departmental Facilities Manager - Gerald Mixon 713-348-4294

Supplementary Instruction
Dow Chemicals recently developed a laboratory safety website with instructional videos that provide a good resource for chemists to use when planning experiments. This publicly-accessible site has videos which cover a range of topics including:

  • Exposure control
  • Good laboratory practices
  • Specialized chemical techniques
  • Chemical and waste management

These videos may be used to enhance your safety training but should not be used as a substitute for in-person training. In addition, you should always consult with your Principal Investigator or the senior lab member before attempting any new reaction or experiment.