Undergraduate Awards

Undergraduate Awards

Department Awards

Students who major in any of the new Biosciences majors, or the old majors: Biological Sciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, or Biochemistry & Cell Biology, are eligible for graduating senior awards from the Department of Biosciences. Students must be nominated by faculty. The department confers the following awards:

  • The Biosciences Award for Outstanding Research
  • The Biosciences Award for Outstanding Leadership
  • The Kathleen S. Matthews Teaching & Mentoring Award in Biosciences
  • The George J. Schroepfer, Jr. Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Biochemistry
  • The Outstanding RURS Poster Award in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Distinction in Research and Creative Works (DIR award) for research relating to BioSciences.

This university award recognizes exceptional performance in research or creative works. Graduating seniors can apply to the department that most closely matches their field of their research. Any graduating senior, whether BIOS majors or non-majors, who have performed undergraduate research where the primary methodology is from life sciences and/or biology can apply to Biosciences for the DIR. Students with research that falls outside of these categories, for instance, projects where the primary research focus is on methods in engineering, computer science, or earth science, should apply to those departments, even if the application is biomedical. Consideration for the DIR requires an application from the student and a recommendation letter/support statement from the research mentor.

The deadline for submission is March 25 and all materials should be submitted to George Razzo.

Download DIR Application Form and Award Criteria.